In a pain management setting, drug testing helps…

  • Establish a baseline: drug testing before initiating treatment
  • Risk Assessment: drug testing to establish an adequate clinical assessment of patient history and risk of substance abuse
  • Stabilization: targeted drug screening to maintain focus
  • Maintenance: drug testing to achieve deterrence
  • Compliance with State Medical Boards and DEA guidelines

With the use of cutting edge technology, J2 Laboratories is equipped to provide Pain Management physicians with comprehensive information that is effective in establishing proper diagnostic criteria for evidence-based medicine and best-practice guidelines.   Drug testing is performed by Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) and Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS).

J2 Laboratories also provides therapeutic drug monitoring, quantitative analyses for chemistry, hematology, immunology, pharmacokinetic consulting, and technical support. J2 Laboratories’ extensive knowledge in toxicology and expertise in chromatography/mass spectrometry, ensures diagnostic information (i.e. test results) are provided not only in an expedient manner but in a comprehensive format that is helpful to the physician.

Our services our intentionally designed to…

  • Promote evidence-based management of individuals with chronic pain
  • Help identify the critical decision points in management of patients with chronic pain who are candidates for opioid therapy
  • Help improve patient outcomes, increase functional status and enhance the quality of life
  • Provide expedient results to the physician to decrease the incidence of complications
  • Provide flexibility and customization, allowing the physician to specify the exact testing needs of their practice