In healthcare medicine, a diagnostic test is any type of medical test performed in an effort to diagnose or detect a disease or medical condition.  Diagnostic testing is also used to determine a person’s overall health, as in general wellness testing and preemptive medicine.

J2 Laboratories provides medical lab services for local hospitals, clinics, private practices, and the general public (i.e. Direct Access Testing).

Many local medical providers depend on J2 Laboratories for their patients’ clinical testing needs based on our

  • Expanded medical lab testing menu and ability to develop new testing based on need or request
  • Large established reference lab network to provide even the most esoteric testing needs
  • Ability to customize testing specific to medical specialties (i.e. Lifestyle medicine)
  • High quality of testing at cost effective pricing structure
  • Expedient turn-around time for test results
  • Clinical drug testing abilities
  • Expert phlebotomists on staff (superior blood draw expertise)
  • Multiple collection sites in Tucson and in Nogales, AZ staffed by professional, bilingual, and caring personnel

If you are in need of medical lab testing services, allow us the opportunity to support you.

Local (520) 690-7385

Toll-free (877) 690-7385