Direct access testing is an increasingly popular option for patients wishing to monitor their own health status.  Direct Access Testing allows patients the ability to order medical tests without the requirement of a physician’s order.  This enables the patient to participate more in their own health care and to be better informed when making decisions about the treatment.

DAT can be a useful tool in enhancing the doctor/patient relationship. J2 Laboratories recommends that any patient interested in Direct Access Testing consult their physician for assistance in result interpretation and when seeking a proper treatment plan.

Why utilize Direct Access Testing?

You may choose to utilize Direct Access Testing…

  • If you prefer more frequent testing than your health insurance plan will cover
  • If you do not have insurance but need affordable medical lab testing
  • If you prefer to assess and manage your health status on a regular basis
  • If you have a high deductible and want a more cost effective option
  • If you want completely independent and confidential testing

In July 2015, Arizona legislature passed a new law that removed limitations on the menu of medical tests that can be ordered without a provider’s order.  Patients / Consumers may now choose from a broader menu of tests that is allowed for Direct Access Testing.  The legislation however, forbids laboratories from providing consultation or interpretation of Direct Access test results.  The Patient / Consumer will have to make arrangements with their Health Care Provider for consultation and interpretation of test results.  J2 Laboratories can recommend a variety of top quality local medical providers that specialize in lifestyle medicine, general medical practice, naturopathic and holistic medicine specialties.

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