Behavioral Health Services and Rehabilitation Services are extremely important to our communities. Arizona has some of the most dedicated providers invested in the critical needs of behavioral health patients and those with addiction challenges. J2 Laboratories is proud to collaborate with and support Arizona’s behavioral health and rehabilitation organizations and the very important services that they provide.

As the preferred laboratory for many behavioral health and rehabilitation providers, J2 Laboratories provides testing services of the highest quality to ensure that optimum healthcare can be provided to the behavioral health and rehabilitation patient.  Effective October 1, 2015, J2 Laboratories has been contracted by Cenpatico Integrated Care to provide behavioral health laboratory testing services.

J2 Laboratories has an extensive history supporting the complex testing needs of the behavioral health field and rehabilitation centers. As skilled professionals, we recognize that not all behavioral health treatment approaches are exactly the same, but equally important. For that reason, J2 Laboratories continues to provide flexibility and customization of our services in an effort to accommodate the specific needs of individual providers. Hence many rehabilitation centers across the western states count on J2 Laboratories’ ability to provide expedient testing services while understanding the complexity of their patient’s situation. J2 Laboratories provides customized testing panels designed directly by the Rehabilitation Specialists.

With over 20 years of experience focused on rehabilitation and behavioral health needs, J2 Laboratories staff…

Have comprehensive knowledge of the intricate testing needs of behavioral health and rehabilitation providers
Are experienced in working with adults, elderly patients, and children with special needs
Provided caring support to all patients while emphasizing dignity and respect
Communicate with patients in a clear and precise manner
Focus on minimizing stress
Are expert phlebotomists that are experienced in challenging blood draw scenarios and develop approaches to minimize discomfort
J2 Laboratories provides many specialized testing services related to methadone treatment such as methadone metabolite testing (EDDP), peak and trough testing, clinical lab testing (i.e. RPR, hepatic function testing, etc.), and drug testing by urine or by oral fluid. J2 Laboratories also provides testing for methadone alternatives such as Buprenorphine (suboxone).

Some of the services provided include:

Therapeutic drug monitoring
Drug abuse testing (urine, serum, oral fluid / saliva)
Clinical diagnostic testing specific to behavioral health and rehabilitation
On-site specimen collection services in Arizona (i.e. phlebotomy, urine, saliva)
If you are a behavioral health provider or addiction therapist and you are interested in the services that J2 Laboratories has to offer, please contact us. We would be proud to support you and the patients you serve.

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